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As a successful entrepreneur, I don't need inspiration or motivation. I have tons of that. What I need, is to find someone who can help me transform my ideas and vision for my company, into practical to do-lists! For me, Iczel Katz is that "transformer". She understands my needs and knows where I wanna go, and gives me the challenges and practical advice I need to take the next step in building my business.

Iczel also has a mind like a Professional Chess Player - thinking several steps ahead at the time. But, she never overwhelms me with her knowledge, but adjusts her advice in the pace that I need to hear it. What she does naturally better than most people? Keeping her eyes on the next, practical step, without losing the greater goal out of sight. All her advice lines up, One Step At A Time."

Irina Lee
Journalist, author, publisher and course leader based in Oslo, Norway.


Iczel Katz has coached me for the last six months with tremendous results.

Her help with Facebook ads doubled the list while her marketing suggestions helped us stay on course during launches. Very grateful for our work together.

Deirdre Fay, LICSW
Author and trainer

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